Funding long-term treatment for opioid addiction


Why We Started Road2RecoveryCNY

The current opiate epidemic has touched every community across the country. 

 Although it is America’s most important public health crisis, it is overshadowed by

   stigma and undertones of moral judgement and prejudice.


 Most of us know someone; a family member, a loved one, or a friend who right now is teetering on the brink of life and death because of heroin and opiate addiction.  Yet, unlike treatment for other life threatening illnesses, people with substance use disorders face a myriad of closed doors, lack of understanding, inadequate or non-existent funding, insufficient treatment, and a system that is badly broken.

Anyone who has lost a loved one recognizes that there is a very small window of opportunity to save a life, and when that window closes another life is lost.



  Road2RecoveryCNY is dedicated to long term recovery from opiate addiction. We believe that long term recovery is possible only with a long term solution that encompasses the foundation of a physical, emotional and spiritual solution. Our commitment is to help those with limited means start the journey to a lifetime path of recovery and freedom.




Central New York is in the midst of a major opioid addiction epidemic. As such the resources for treating addiction and long-term recovery programs are limited, leaving a large population without access to care and recovery.  Our vision is to create a nonprofit fund dedicated to supporting young adults, addicted to opiates, and in need of financial support to get their addiction treated and into long-term recovery.  Our vision is to support this population into  recovery programs that have proven success and result in sustainable change and lasting recovery.




It began with one person rescued from addiction. . .

one family paying it forward.   Then each person in recovery reaches out to

help another, and another . . .




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