Like most of you, we didn't think much about heroin addiction . . . until our son became addicted.  Then we lived a nightmare, fearing that each time we said good-bye it might be the last time we saw him alive.  We thought there was no hope.  Finally he asked for help with his addiction.  When we learned that our insurance would not pay for his treatment, we dug deep and paid for it ourselves. This experience changed his life, and ours.  Now our son is sober, healthy, and happy.  He's active in the community sponsoring others and setting an example of how to live a sober life.

We are so grateful for his recovery, that we wanted to pass on this hope and healing to others in the Central New York community.  We started with sponsoring one person, then another, and then another.  We realize that there are many more out there who do not have the resources to pay for effective, long-term treatment, but our own finances cannot support all those in need.  So we created Road2RecoveryCNY to do just that, and share our story so that people could realize that there is hope for recovery from heroin addiction.  

We may not be able to change the world, but we can do more, right here, right now in Central New York.  

With YOUR HELP we can save lives, one at a time.  Please give generously.

SOME RECIPIENTS TO DATE. Strong. Beautiful. Sober.