Board of Directors

Rob Flower, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Lemoyne College Doctorate in Philosophy, Syracuse University

"Terry (my wife) and I had been looking for a way to “give back” when the opportunity to get in at the ground level came up with Road2RecoveryCNY. Blessed to be in my twentieth year of recovery from alcoholism, we have an intimate appreciation for the pain and suffering brought into peoples’ lives by the insidious hold of addiction."

Barry Weiss

"Over the past six years as the chair or co-chair of the Onondaga County Drug Task Force I have learned about the various treatment options available in this community, state and region. I understand now that treatment means different things based on the stage of their addiction and there is not one avenue for everyone who is seeking help. Being able to find new avenues for treatment is vital to how we address the opioid crisis. Road2RecoveryCNY offers a pathway for those who want to get on the right side of their addiction and I am looking forward to helping them develop this form of treatment."

Alexandra Punch, MPA

"As the daughter of a parent lost to addiction, and the Director of Drug User Health programming in CNY, I fully appreciate the struggle so many endure on the road towards recovery. My ultimate goal for joining Road2RecoveryCNY is to increase awareness of long-term, comprehensive treatment options that can saves lives-while creating a supportive, collaborative community for the families of those involved."

Tom Travis

“Even though I live in Texas, I have known the Endy’s for over 35 years and have been part of their journey from afar. I was delighted to join the R2RCNY board to bring whatever experience and support I could to further this incredible life-changing mission.”

Tom Desocio

“As a recovering addict an alumni from the program I wanted to find a way to stay involved and give back to the place that saved my life. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and feel a strong desire to help shed positive light in a community that needs resources to fight the opioid crisis.”