Board of Directors

Timothy Endy, MD MPH

Chairman of the Board

"As a clinical Infectious Disease specialist and researcher. I have been touched by our substance use disorder epidemic in several meaningful ways. The first by caring for patients in the hospital who have had devastating and traumatic infections as a result of their addiction. The second is with our own son's struggles with addiction. The power of my son's recovery has created my passion for helping others with substance use disorder who lack the resources to obtain help."

Darlene Endy

Founding Member

“When our community offers effective, long-term treatment with love and respect, instead of blaming people for their addictions, our work will be finished. Until then, we will continue to save lives, one at a time.”

Susan McMahon

“Being a parent of a drug addict I know first-hand how desperate and out of control your lives can become for both the addict and their families when living with the disease of addiction.  We were living the nightmare that addiction causes, trying not to give up hope and most importantly trying to save our son’s life.  That’s when we became connected to Road2 Recovery, offering services without the stigma.  They gave my son a chance for a new beginning and confidence to start over.  He now has his life back and continues on his path of recovery.  I am dedicated to giving back, helping those suffering from addiction find the support and encouragement needed to succeed in long-term recovery.”

Borzou Razmjou

"If I can help one person to get on a right path."

Laurie Glather

Co-Executive Director

R2RCNY is a committed group of moms, dads, sisters, brothers, friends and neighbors with a single goal…to help those with substance use disorder, who have little or no resources, find recovery with the help of a long-term, 12-step treatment program.

Ed Gabriel

Ed Gabriel

Co-Executive Director

What do you do if you suffer from SUD, reside in Central New York, have a genuine desire to get help, and have tried and failed with locally available treatment options such as outpatient and time-restricted inpatient stays? And don’t have the insurance or resources for long-term inpatient 12-step treatment? Road2RecoveryCNY attempts to fill that gap by helping motivated young adults get on the path to lifelong recovery. The mission is to help save lives, one at a time, and I’m eager to play a part in fulfilling that goal.

Theresa Baxter

Theresa Baxter has been involved with R2R since its creation. She worked closely with Tim Endy in the hospital, caring for patients with Opioid Use Disorder, and wanted to do more in the community to help people. She’s lived and worked in the community all her life, and has seen the devastation untreated Addiction causes, both personally and professionally. She’s happy to help however she can.